Medeco High Security Double Pole Switch Lock Maintaining Spring Back Key Switch with Six Contact Terminals with One Key


Typical lead time is 2 business days
  • Keyway: Includes 1 key each lock. Medeco Biaxial Keyway or Medeco³ MM Keyway (optional)
  • Key Operation: 45° clockwise and CCW rotation,
  • Leadwire: Each lock comes with 6pcs 4" long quick connect leadwire at no extra charge. One connector per wire.
  • Material: Hardened stainless steel insert with brass cylinder housing; UL listed double micro switch
  • Master Keying: (Optional) Add master key from left side 'Accessories' section first, then choose option 'Key Different with Master Key Code' from 'Key Code' section below
  • Build to Order: Build to order by Medeco authorized manufacturer

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Medeco Momentary Double Pole Key Switch Lock
This 3/4" diameter Medeco high-security momentary spring return key switch lock comes with 6 contacts double micro switch and Medeco patented key control technology. It is customizable to each customer's demands. And key code(s) will be assigned and restricted to that customer only.

Medeco® 3/4" diameter, high-security key switch locks offer a wide range of electrical functions with the physical security and patented key control of a Medeco cylinder. Available in either single or double switch models, Medeco key switch locks are ideally suited for applications requiring controlled access to electrically activated systems, including alarms, ATMs, time delay safes, encryption devices, heavy power equipment, control panels, and electrically accessed doors and gates. key switch locks use a five pin cylinder to maximize keyed different and master keying capabilities. Medeco design and engineering resources are available to assist customers with special functional requirements.

Available in single or double switch models, single momentary and maintained positions.

Silver or gold contacts (for low amperage applications) designed to accept quick connect leads.

Hardened stainless steel inserts inside the cylinder provide the ultimate defense against drill, pull, punch, and other forms of physical attack.

Unique elevating and rotating tumbler pin system is virtually pick proof.

Patented Medeco3 keys may only be duplicated by Medeco or authorized Medeco Service Center, and only at your request.

Medeco key switch locks can be re-keyed by authorized Medeco Service Centers in case of lost or stolen keys.

Medeco key switch locks can be keyed in with other 60 series products (10 series products may be keyed into existing 60 series systems).

Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed depending on your specific needs.

Medeco high security key switch locks can be used to retrofit many 3/4" key switch lock applications including:
Heavy Power Machinery
Elevator Car or Lobby Panels
Encryption Devices
Time Delay Safes
Material Handling Equipment
Control Panels
Construction Vehicles
Electrically Accessed Gates
Cash Control Systems
Other Equipments

Lock - UL® 437 Listed
Switch - UL Registered, CSA Certified

Warranted for two years against manufacturer's defects. See Medeco limited Warranty for full details.

PN: 65W2650T-101, 65W2650T-102, 65W2650T-111, 65W2650T-112
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