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Make Your Own Elevator Keys Set and Save - Custom Keyset with Red Tag Fob
Make Your Own Elevator Keys Set and Save - Custom Keyset with Red Tag Fob

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Make Your Own Elevator Keys Set and Save - Custom Keyset with Red Tag Fob


In Stock
  • Tag fob marked 'DANGER - EMERGENCY ELEVATOR KEY, For Use By Authorized Persons Only

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Step 2 - Add-on keys
A02        (+$6.50)
A03      (+$6.50)
AE102   (+$6.50)
AS100 (+$5.50)
AZFS      (+$6.50)
BFD1   (+$6.00)
CLC332 (+$7.75)
EPCO1 (+$6.00)
EPCO2  (+$6.00)
EX511  (+$6.00)
EX512    (+$6.00)
EX513 (+$6.00)
EX514   (+$6.00)
EX515  (+$6.00)
FEOK1 (+$6.00)
G1601P (+$6.00)
G1617P (+$6.00)
H1848 (+$7.00)
H2252  (+$7.00)
H2389 (+$7.00)
H2395  (+$7.00)
H200 (+$6.50)
H301    (+$6.50)
H341    (+$6.50)
J200 (+$6.50)
J201      (+$6.50)
J202      (+$6.50)
J217      (+$6.50)
J222 (+$6.50)
KONE1 (+$6.00)
KONE2 (+$6.00)
KONE3 (+$6.00)
KONE4 (+$6.00)
KONE 5 (+$6.00)
L201     (+$5.50)
L202     (+$5.50)
L203     (+$5.50)
L204 (+$5.50)
L205     (+$5.50)
L206     (+$5.50)
MFD1   (+$6.00)
MK03 (+$5.50)
MK04   (+$5.50)
MK05   (+$5.50)
OCO1    (+$6.00)
OCO4 (+$6.00)
PT01     (+$6.50)
PTFS    (+$6.50)
SC1000 (+$6.50)
USE1 (+$5.50)
USE4     (+$5.50)
UTA     (+$5.50)
UTB       (+$5.50)
UTC (+$5.50)
UTD       (+$5.50)
UTE (+$5.50)
UTF     (+$5.50)
UTG (+$5.50)
UTH      (+$5.50)
WD01 (+$6.00)
X4001   (+$6.00)
X4002 (+$6.00)
YALE255 (+$9.50)
Yale3502 (+$9.50)
YALE GA (+$9.50)
YALE SA (+$9.50)
Input Note
I certify that the information I provided is accurate; I understand that at the seller's discretion I may be asked to verify my qualifications.


fire dept keys, fire operation keys

Keys are professionally cut and inspected by the factory, not copies from other keys. Buy with confidence. 

Elevator keys are used for service and firefighting purpose. Elevator keys are also used by technicians or engineers to maintain or control the elevators by using various special modes. They can also be used to restrict the use of elevator. Learn more on appropriate use of elevator keys - click to open link
This item is in stock and it will be shipped in 2 business days after order completed.

There is no sale tax for most customers (besides New Jersey). We accept major credit cards and Paypal payment.
Great fast shipping
Reviewed by:  from Florida . on 12/18/2018
All keys seem to work fine
I ordered 4 keys to use in a few highrise buildings at work (firefighter). All keys seem to be cut correctly and have worked as advertised. Quick shipping also.
Reviewed by:  from Cincinnati,OH. on 6/17/2018
This custom set saves time and money, all while giving you a nice little key tag so people know not to mess with the keys.
Reviewed by:  from California. on 8/20/2017
There are no reviews for this product!

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