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DUO 5/8 inch high security cam lock with 2 keys
DUO 5/8 inch high security cam lock with 2 keys

DUO 5/8 inch high security cam lock with 2 keys


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  • Standard bright chrome finish. If need in different, please contact us.
  • Two sub-models available with different key-pull options

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ONE KEY-PULL (key removes at 12 O'clock only)
TWO KEY-PULL (key removes at 12 and 3 O'clock)


DUO cam locks
DUO high security heavy duty 5/8" body length cam locks come with 2 DUO keys, 1 screw, 1 cam, 1 spur washer and 1 nut on each. Perfect for wood or fiberglass application.
Two DUO keys included. The 3 Bitted DUO system uses a total of 18 wafers that interface with three active bitting surfaces on the bottom, top, and side of the key. DUO is popular in the United States in laundromats and money containers. 
90 degree clockwise rotate operation.
Face plate round outside diameter is 1".
2 keypulls (can pull out key at both 12 clock and 6 clock position)
Cam hold by screw, center of screw to cam top length is 1-1/4"
Material : Zinc die cast. 
Come with 2 heavy duty keys. Locks are keyed different if you order more than one.
Mounting hole double flat D with 0.688" cross distance and 0.760" round diameter.

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