CCL Sesamee Brass Combination Padlock, 4 dial resettable

CCL Sesamee Brass Combination Padlock, 4 dial resettable


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  • Feature1: Hardened steel shackle (chrome plated) with 2" wide brass lock body
  • Feature2: 2-1/4" shackle clearance
  • Feature3: Keyless 10,000 possible combinations, resettable
  • Feature4: Excellent weather resistant and durability

K437 - Combination Padlock by CCL

CCL's Sesamee® - "the padlock without a key" - means strength and simplicity in locking security. Choose from 10,000 possible combinations which can be easily changed and set. Heel and toe locking. All brass internal locking mechanism. Automatic "0000" stop.

Features and Benefits:

- Set-your-own 4-digit combination for convenience and security.
- Reset to any of 10,000 personalized combination.
- 2" (51mm) wide solid brass case for strength and weatherability.
- 2-1/4" (57mm) hardened steel shackle for cut resistance.

Best Used For:

- Job Boxes & Gang Boxes.
- Utility Meters, Substations & Cable Boxes.
- Tool Chests & Tool Boxes.
- Tool Cribs.
- Marine Applications.
- Lockers.

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